Cars - 625 million in the world


The connections engine.

We are constantly in touch with informatics, health care, telecom, utilities and banking CEOs over strategic projects.
This network is constantly growing and is merging with the media, government, and the academic world.
In Switzerland, in the European Union and in the United States.

Marketing Outsourcing
Let our persuasive power become yours.

For those companies for which it makes no sense to have a marketing office, or for those who want to shoot from two different angles.
From strategic positioning of products and services, to sales support.

Public and Media Relations
Our clients are in the front page.

Whether it's a one to one interview, or a press conference, we put clients in the spotlight.
Total outsourcing of the press office.

A new approach to High Tech shows and events.

15 years of successful fairs and events,
where business people interact, network and reach their objectives.
Exhibitors mingle with the media and interact with key decision makers.